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Document: Deaf and Dumb Wild Meeting Policement Present

The Deaf Society AGM, patrolled by police, affirmed the breakaway group’s decision to reject the Deaf Society.


Rowdy scense, which terminated in the wildest uproar, were witnessed at the annual meeting of the adult Deaf and Dumb Society last night.

Mindful of the disturbance at prestatis meeting when the dismissal: Mr. H. V. Hersee as welfare officer, was [sit-tintured] police officers watch proceedings from the rear and were frequently compelled to caution rowdy members.
The annual report was announced that Rev. O Poynder had been appointed [successor] to Mr. Hersee, and his splendid work had already endeared him to the deaf and dumn community. His knowledge of the needs of the afflicted had been responsible for the promotion of several efforts to which the council was giving its consideration.
As an amendment to that clause Mr. Gordon When moved that Mr. Hersee’s departure was a great loss to the association and hoped he would be turned to retain his former position.
Although the amendment appeared to be carried, the chairman, Mr. William Brooks, subsequently expained that only financial members were allowed to vote, and those financial members present had rejected the amendment.
Disorder broke loose when it was announced that the amendment had been lost, the audience [resticulating’ wildly and the [din] drowned all efforts of the committee to restore peace. Intervention of the police however somewhat restored the situation.


When Padre Davidson of the [H] himself with Mr. Hersee in the dispute [ruse] to speak, he recieved in remarkable [ovation’, but he was ruled out of order by the chairman. Padre Davidson declared the matter should be the subject of a public inquiry, and trust the board had only the sympathy of a very [enial] minority.

Trove. DEAF AND DUMB (1929, August 24). Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), p. 6. Retrieved August 28, 2023, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article118997784
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